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Why the Big Brain Box?

There are vaccines to prevent disease and drugs to cure some. However, what we want is for you to understand your brain and physiology to inoculate yourself against problems in later life.



Experienced Professionals

The staff at Big Brain Box are all trained professionals who excel in their field. We are here to counter the ‘Baloney Baffles Brains’ brigade who tell us we only use 10% of our brains. Nonsense!



Unique Approach

The Big Brain Box approach is based on an innovative and result-oriented technique that helps students overcome barriers to bring concrete results. 



Our Partner Organisations

The University of St. Andrews, Wellcome Trust and Dundee Science Centre are at the forefront of evidence based education



Short & Focused Lessons 

Every lesson is approximately 40 minutes long, for optimal effectiveness. You can use the activities freely as you see fit in terms of your curriculum needs and where appropriate we have indicated the approximate age/stage of the pupils involved.
About Big Brain Box

We are four academics working in the School of Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of St. Andrews.Each of us is actively involved in research associated with both neuroscience and science education for people across the lifespan.

All of our materials are free to students, teachers, parents and carers as stand-alone or classroom activities. They include information for the facilitator/teacher on how to conduct the activity and the knowledge and conclusions that can be drawn from it.

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